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See why model railroading is the world’s greatest hobby

World's Greatest Hobby on Tour


Be a part of the show and help grow the hobby of model railroading.

The model railroad industry believes in the mission of the show, which is to promote the hobby of model railroading to the general public. Each show has representation from all the best manufacturers in the industry.

Read what the industry is saying about the show (pdf)

The show has a proven record of getting people to the show.

(See our list of previous show attendances).

The World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour consistently attracts an average of 25,000 people to each show proving there is indeed an interest in the hobby of model railroading. The show holds the record for the largest attended two-day train show ever with the Chantilly, Virginia show in January of 2010 with 41,036 people. That broke the previous record which was the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour in Philadelphia, PA in January of 2009 with 40,152 people.

We understand that a show promoter’s job is to promote!

Advertising & promotion. We spend, on average, over $60,000 per show on advertising. This includes ads in all the major model railroad magazines like Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, Classic Toy Trains, O Gauge Railroading, Model Railroad News, and more.

Locally, before each show we run extensive television, radio, newspaper, and Internet advertising specifically targeted at reaching people who have an interest in the hobby but have never attended a train show before.

Ten of thousands of emails and postcards are also sent to people who have been to train shows in the past.

Exhibitor Applications:

Booth Registration Information (pdf)

Booth Form (PDF) Form to use to reserve booths.

Layout Registration Information (pdf)

Layout Form (PDF) Form to use to bring a layout to the show.

So whether you are a model railroad manufacturing company, a model railroad club, a hobby shop owner, or someone who just likes trains and wants to help promote the hobby of model railroading we hope you will consider being a part of the show and help us show others what we already know…

...that model railroading is the world’s greatest hobby.

Becoming an Exhibitor

Since 2004, World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour has been promoting the hobby across the country. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best events that truly promote the hobby in a positive way. We want people attending our shows to leave so excited about model railroading they can't wait to start building a model railroad!

Manufacturers & Distributors

This is a great occasion to expose your products to consumers of every level, from very experienced hobbyists to those brand new to the hobby. You can create new customers for your products and help create life-long members for the hobby trade. In addition, you will be able to meet with other members of the trade and industry including distributors and hobby shops. This gives you an opportunity to see what is being done in the hobby industry by your competitors, the model and train community and by the distribution channel.

Hobby Shops

Local hobby shops have a great chance to capitalize on the excitement this show generates with both sales at the show and with creating new long-term customers for your stores. You can seize the opportunity to sell a customer their first train and to become their long-term provider of all things model train related. This is an excellent environment to promote your store.

Operating Model Railroads

If you want to show off your club's modular railroad we will provide you with free space at the show. We want your help in recruiting the next generation of model and toy train enthusiasts. We're always looking for clubs and individuals that would like to bring in their operating model train layouts to the show to share with the public.

“The show consistently does what it was

designed to do -

successfully introduce thousands of people to

the hobby of

model railroading”

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